An Ecology of Mind
A Daughter's Portrait of Gregory

Nora Bateson is a media producer and educator. Her work includes documentaries, multimedia productions, magazine columns, and developing curriculum for elementary and high school students. Central to all her pursuits is the idea of utilizing media and storytelling to encourage cultural understanding, social justice, and environmental awareness.

Ms. Bateson currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she is developing a curriculum to accompany the film (centering on epistemology and systems thinking), as well as compiling a book of her father's unpublished works. These projects, along with public speaking engagements, have been part of a renewed interest in Gregory’s work, which has until now been largely inaccessible to those outside the academic community. She travels internationally giving lectures and workshops on her father’s work, and recently published three pieces in Kybernetes, a cybernetics and systems journal.

Ms. Bateson has a steadfast dedication to the possibilities of human evolution, starting with encouraging young children to see the interrelatedness of the natural world with that of the “human-made” world using all media. She developed curricula for several schools in Northern California focused on the formation of teenage identity. Her curriculum, Human Relations, for 7th-12th grade students, integrates self-discovery, relationships, social justice, mythology, environmentalism, and sex education through accountability, interconnectedness, and personal evolution. One principal wrote, “Nora’s Human Relations course gave our students an opening to an unshakable sense of belonging in a profound and sacred world. Not only was this one of the most important courses they will ever take, but they also loved it…”

Her degrees are in Southeast Asian Studies and filmmaking, bringing a cross-cultural perspective to her filmic voice. Her other work includes research and development for a documentary about legendary jazz musician Dave Brubeck; creative direction of the acclaimed CD-ROM 4 Paws of Crab (a narrative Thai cookbook), about witch Mark Potts of the Washington Post wrote, “One of the best looking new products at Mac World… an example of how good CD-ROM design can create a new medium that’s hard to categorize in traditional terms”. Ms. Bateson also developed a series of storytelling videos, entitled Stories Across Generations; and a series of columns for Seventeen Magazine.

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